Kinetico Series Water Softeners

The Kinetico Water Softeners Series line is the most popular of water softeners here at Clearwater Systems. They are similar to the Aquakinetic Series, but Kinetico Water Softeners are specially designed for homes that have multiple or severe water problems.

Extremely hard water can cause major issues for any home or building. Hard water causes you to have minerals and scale build-up in your pipes quickly, creating poorer water flow and even blockage. Hard water also builds up in water heaters, showerheads, and appliances such as coffee makers and even prevents soap from lathering. When your soap doesn’t lather it creates soap scum that sticks to dishes in the dishwasher and even to you in the shower! Really hard water can even ruin your clothes in the washing machine.

The harder your water is, the harder your water problems. Kinetico Water Softeners Series are specially designed to deal with the toughest water problems, while still operating in an economical and reliable fashion.

The Benefits of Kinetico Water Softeners

Here are three features of Kinetico Water Softeners Series that can save you time and money:

  1. Non- Electric
    Unlike other water softeners, Kinetico Series water softeners run on the kinetic energy of moving water, not electricity. They don’t have any timers or computers to set, adjust, or repair.
  2. Multiple Tanks
    With multiple tanks, Kinetico Series water softeners offer a continuous supply of softened water, meaning you’ll never have to wait around for clean, usable water. While one tank provides you with water, another is either regenerating or on stand-by.
  3. Water-Use Based Regeneration
    Kinetico Series water softeners are capable of telling whether you are using excessive amounts of water, or none at all, and regenerate based on how much water you need or don’t need. For example, if you are doing heaps of laundry, a Kinetico Series water softeners knows that it needs to regenerate frequently in order to keep up with the amount of water you require. On the other hand, if you and your family are away on vacation, a Kinetico softener will recognize that it doesn’t need to regenerate for days or weeks.

Kinetico Series water softeners are perfect for the most severe water problems while remaining economical and easy-to-use. They deal with the hardest of water; softening your water, as well as removing iron and other unwanted minerals that cause build up. Some of the models in the series are capable of removing chlorine and particle matter from your water as well.

Best of all, every Kinetico Series water softener comes with a 10-year warranty that covers all parts.

How Kinetico Water Softener Systems Work

Is a Kinetico Water Softener Right for You?

Not sure if Kinetico Series water softeners are right for you? Ask us about our free water test that can help determine which water softener or filtration system is right for your home.