Kinetico Signature Series Water Softener

The Best Solution When Fighting Hard Water And Iron

The Kinetico Signature Series water softener will monitor your water usage for you, so there is nothing you need to do once it is installed. It will only regenerate when needed, saving you money, salt and water.

The twin tank system eliminates the worry of not having soft water during the regeneration process. Since there are two tanks, one tank is constantly in service while the other tank is either regenerating or waiting to be used. This twin tank system ensures that you have the water you need whenever you need it.

The twin tank system also means that the Kinetico Signature Series water softener regenerates with soft water. This is completely impossible with a one tank system. When you are using soft water to regenerate your system, your system will last a lot longer and will work more efficiently.

Kinetico’s Signature Series water softeners are powered by kinetic energy or water flow, and not by electricity. This means extra savings for you. Millions of satisfied customers will tell you that our water systems are both reliable.

You will see the benefits of having soft water in every area of your home life. From shinier hair and smoother skin to softer laundry, you will see proof of your water softener everywhere you look. We promise to deliver exactly what we claim, and we back up our promises with an extensive warranty. Contact us today to learn more about owning a Kinetico Signature Series water softener!