Chlorine Filters

The Kinetico Dechlorinator whole house water filter is ideal for reducing the taste of chlorine in your water.

Water with high levels of chlorine can taste and smell unpleasant, cause rubber seals in fixtures and other appliances to deteriorate, and even make your skin and hair dry. The Kinetico Dechlorinator, which attaches to just about any water softener, eliminates all of these issues and has seals and fixtures that are guaranteed to hold up to extreme conditions.

You don’t need to get a brand new system to tackle your chlorinated water problems.

Because the Kinetico Dechorinator runs on the kinetic energy from the flow of your water, rather than electricity, it is a highly economical option when compared to other water cleaning systems. The Kinetico Dechlorinator runs consistently and continuously, with no timers or computers to set, adjust, or repair; you can depend on this whole house water filter to provide you and your family with clean water 24 hours a day.

Still not sure if this is the whole house water filter right for your needs? Please Contact Us to learn more about how the Kinetico Dechlorinator can be installed in your home.