TX Membrane System

One of the most advanced salt-free water conditioning systems available, the Kinetico TX Membrane uses reverse osmosis to reduce the level of total dissolved solids (TDS) in your water.

The semipermeable membrane filter traps contaminants, hardness, iron, and odor-causing impurities—meaning your water will look clearer and taste better. The TX Membrane system is also equipped with a self-contained pressurized system, to economically optimize the flow of water through the membrane.

The TX Membrane uses a high capacity tank, so you’ll have clean, clear, usable water 24/7. It also features a disinfecting generator and a carbon-filter finishing stage for added sanitation and taste appeal. For water that is cloudy, hard, or has an unpleasant taste or smell, the TX Membrane is the most comprehensive water conditioning system available.

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