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Drinking Water FAQs

Clearwater Systems has a list of drinking water FAQ’s to help you choose a water system. And if you have any other water system questions, simply call us. Continue reading

Is it OK to drain my softener into our septic tank drain field?

Recent studies reaffirm older testing that proved this practice to have no deleterious impact on septic systems. However, some septic tank manufacturers have limited their warranty coverage in the past when softeners were found to drain to their tanks and … Continue reading

Why do I need a water test before choosing a water treatment product?

An accurate water test is extremely important to make sure your purchase will give the results you expect without over spending. No water test- No guarantee. A very risky shortcut. A water test is usually free and only takes about … Continue reading

Why should I choose Clearwater Systems to solve my water problems?

Our company history is probably our most important asset to consider. Who you buy from is at least as important as what you buy. We are a third generation family business started in 1946 with hundreds of thousands of customers … Continue reading

Do magnetic, electromagnetic, or other “no salt” water conditioners soften and remove iron like a water softener?

Every few years another new company surfaces featuring a “new” miracle product that will supposedly offer the benefits of a water softener without using salt. The obvious reaction is “Great. I can get rid of my softener, stop buying and … Continue reading