Our Favorite Fruit Infused Water Recipes from Pinterest

Despite our passion for clean drinking water, we admit that the taste of water – no matter how pure – day in and day out can become boring, causing folks to reach for substitutes with flavor. More often than not, these substitutes consist of high levels of sugar and other additives. Instead of reaching for sugar-loaded iced teas, juices, or other flavored waters, try making your own fruit infused water beverages!

Depending on your goals – i.e. to lose weight, improve skin tone, detox, improve digestion, or just make something refreshing and delicious – you can add different types of fruit and herbs to your water.

Blackberry and Mint

This Blackberry Mint Detox Water recipe is one of 24 detox water recipes from this article on how to boost your metabolism. Blackberries are full of vitamins A, E, K, and B, as well as a handful of minerals, including copper, magnesium, manganese, and potassium. They can help fight cancer and improve brain health.

Blackberry Min Detox Water

Cherries and Lime

This Cherry Lime Infused Water recipe can satisfy your craving for a refreshingly fruity and tangy twist on your typical glass of water. Cherries help reduce triglyceride and cholesterol levels. Lime is full of vitamin C and can help with:

  • Weight loss,
  • Digestion,
  • Skin care,
  • Constipation, and
  • Treating urinary, gum, and respiratory disorders.

Cherry Lime Infused Water

Grapefruit and Rosemary

If you’re trying to keep colds away and stay healthy, the Grapefruit Rosemary Water recipe might be your secret weapon. Grapefruit contains fiber, potassium, lycopene, vitamin C, and choline, which help maintain heart health. Rosemary has been shown to improve memory and help fight cancer. It also has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory, -bacterial, and –fungal properties. Make this a part of your daily routine.

Grapefruit Rosemary Water

Honeydew Mellon and Kiwi

Any type of green fruit or vegetable is so good for you, including this Honeydew and Kiwi Infused Water recipe. Honeydew aids collagen production and tissue repair, while kiwi is a great source of minerals and vitamins for your skin. It is also a good source of fiber and can help digestion. (P.S. If you’re not a fan of honeydew, cantaloupe is also very good for your skin due to its high amounts of vitamin A.)

Honeydew Kiwi Infused Water

Lemon, Thyme, and Rosemary

Lemons are superfruits with health benefits ranging from helping people get over the common cold to flushing out toxins to strengthening the liver. Their high amounts of vitamin C help counter the effects of sun damage, regulate oil glands, and prevent age spots. Lemons are also full of fiber, so make sure you drink any pulp in your water!

Thyme has numerous health benefits depending on its form. It has been found to fight foodborne bacterial infections and even help with skin conditions.

Rosemary can help improve memory and has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory, -bacterial, and –fungal abilities.

What’s great about Lemon, Thyme, and Rosemary Infused Water is that these three foods all have cancer-fighting properties.

Lemon Thyme Rosemary Water

Peaches and Vanilla

Peach Vanilla Detox Water is jam packed with amazing health benefits. Peaches contain an abundance of nutrients and antioxidants that help strengthen the immune system. Benefits include:

  • Relief from hypokalemia, blood stasis, and neurodegenerative diseases,
  • Help fighting cancer and obesity,
  • Lowering of cholesterol,
  • Maintaining healthy eyes, bones, and teeth,
  • Support for nervous system functions,
  • Anti-aging properties,
  • Detoxification,
  • Improved digestion, and
  • Improved cellular health.

Vanilla, specifically vanilla extract, has many antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties, and liver-protecting abilities. It might even lower cholesterol. Apart from baking, you can use vanilla extract in smoothies, milkshakes, and in fruit-infused water recipes.

Peach Vanilla Detox Water

Rose, Lemon and Strawberry

Rose, Lemon, and Strawberry Infused Water is arguably one of the most powerful detox water recipes you can make. We’ve already talked about the superfruit qualities of lemon, so let’s talk about essential rose oil, which has a laundry list of health benefits:

  • Stress relief,
  • Anti-viral properties,
  • Protection from tooth and hair loss,
  • Muscle spasm relief,
  • Can be used to treat bacterial diseases and illnesses,
  • Fades scars and boils,
  • Purification and detoxification,
  • Relief from cramps, nausea, and fatigue associated with menstruation and Post-Menopausal Syndrome,
  • Hastened blood clotting,
  • Boosted liver health,
  • Soothes stomach ailments, such as excess stomach acid and ulcers,
  • Protection of nerves from shock, injury, and aging, and
  • Hormone production regulation.

Strawberries are great for improving vision, proper brain function, lowering blood pressure, alleviating arthritis, and fighting against gout, cardiovascular diseases, and cancers. They can also help reduce signs of aging.

Anyone can see how the combination of lemon, rose oil, and strawberries makes a powerful concoction that aids health in almost every area you can think of.

Rose Lemon Strawberry Infused Water

Raspberry, Orange, and Mint

Raspberry Orange Mint Water is another recipe that will having your body thanking you.

Raspberries help with weight loss, reduce wrinkles and age spots, prevent muscular degeneration, prevent infections and cancer, strengthen the immune system, and promote all-around optimal health due to nutrients (vitamins B and C, riboflavin, folate, magnesium, manganese, niacin, potassium, copper, other antioxidants, and fiber).

Like other citric fruits, oranges have an enormous amount of vitamin C. They also have over 170 different phytochemicals to prevent cancer and over 60 flavonoids that can help prevent inflammation and help detox your system. Oranges can also help prevent kidney disease, lower cholesterol, and improve heart health. They can help you fight viral infections, relieve constipation, and protect your skin.

Lastly, mint aids digestion and weight loss, relieves nausea, combats depressions, fights fatigue and headaches, and can be used to help treat asthma, memory loss, and skin issues. Not to mention, it’s a great breath-freshener and a quick and easy garnish for an ice cold beverage.

Raspberry Orange Mint Water

All of these recipes are great ways to add flavor to your water. To ensure that you’re getting the best flavor possible – regardless of what fruit/herb combination you choose – make sure you’re using clean drinking water. If you don’t have a water filtering system in your home yet, check out a Kinetico K5 drinking water station. This Kinetico water filter removes up to 99% of contaminants, leaving you with some of the freshest water possible. Without excess minerals or other contaminants, you’ll taste only the flavors of your fruit-infused water.