Choosing the Right Water Filter

3 Tips for Choosing the Right Water Filter

You have made the wise decision to install a water filter system into your home. Water is what you drink, cook with, and bathe in, so having poor water can easily make you and your family sick. The more proactive you are about your home’s water quality, the more proactive you are about your health.

Water filter systems change many noticeable properties in water, including turbidity, taste, color, iron content, and odor. Dirty or chemical filled water is easy to change with a simple water filter, but finding the right home water filter to best fit your needs can be tricky. At Clearwater Systems, we believe that each customer has a unique situation, so the “one size fits all” concept does not apply to water systems.

Here are three tips to keep in mind when choosing your home’s water filter:

  1. Know your water
    Find your water’s problem before purchasing a filter. A free water test can easily determine what, and how severe issues are with your water filter. A free water test can detect iron, hydrogen sulfide gas, methane, radioactivity, arsenic, acidity, chlorine, and many other issues. After receiving the results from the water test, determine what factors are important to you. Is a pH balanced water supply important when deciding the type of filter to purchase? If so, consider a water filter that concentrates on that issue. If reducing chlorine is your biggest concern, then finding a water filter that can remove chlorine is a smart investment. Many filters can remove a combination of problems, and your water filtration company can help you find a system that fits your unique needs.
  2. Know where to filter
    Typically, after a home has been built, it is difficult and more expensive to install a water filter for both your indoor and outdoor water supply. Usually installing only an indoor filter is more cost effective and simple. If your major concern is to only filter water indoors, let your water filtration company know to concentrate on systems meant for indoor-use only. If you are hoping to filter outdoor water as well to improve landscaping or ensure your children’s water toys are not spreading germs and hoarding unwanted chemicals, your water filtration company can find a system desired for both indoor and outdoor use.
  3. Know your flow rate
    Similar to water softeners and water heaters, it is important to understand how much water your household uses on a daily basis. As with all home water filter systems, a single person living alone will most likely use less water than a family of four. Considering the technology and the size of each system helps save money and conserve water in the long-run.
    Follow these tips to find the best water filter system for your family and you’re bound to have remarkable water resulting in better taste, a better home, and a better you!
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