The Benefits of Better Water

Better water is just that . . . better.

Mom pouring pure water into glass for daughterWe’re big fans of Kinetico water products, not just because we sell the product but because we use and experience the benefits of using Kinetico water systems in our own homes every day. And since 1946, Clearwater Systems has helped many homeowners and business owners experience the benefits of better water.

Though every case is different, we often see our customers experience the benefits of better water in a few major areas. These areas include:

Smoother and Softer Skin

Soft, dechlorinated water not only smells and tastes better, but it also eliminates the negative effects of hard water on your skin and hair. Instead, you will experience smoother skin and softer hair after each bath or shower, which for most women, is worth the investment alone.

Brighter and More Durable Laundry

A Kinetico water system will allow your washer to more easily clean your clothes of dirt, leaving your laundry brighter and looking good for years to come. Stop using harsh chemicals to clean your laundry and switch to better water for better looking clothing.

Safe Drinking Water, Guaranteed

Enjoy drinking water straight from the tap, without having to worry about harmful chemicals, odors, or bad tastes with a Kinetico drinking water system from Clearwater Systems. Give your family and guests the highest quality treated drinking water possible.

Higher Energy Efficiency

Added water systems don’t need to drive up your utility bill when they are powered by moving water. The high efficiency design of all Kinetico water products allow for the unit to create the energy it needs for the filtration process itself.

Additionally, better water also increases the energy efficiency of your other appliances, including your water heater. Hard water can also cause scale build-up resulting in short-lived appliances.

Save money each month on utilities and in the long-run on the replacement costs of your appliances with better water from Clearwater Systems.

Less Cleanup

Do you spend time each week cleaning the rust stains from your bathroom or soap scum off your dishes? Get this time back and more with a Kinetico conditioned water system that will eliminate these and other stains that require regular cleaning around your home.

Save Money on Bottled Water

Bottled water is not the best choice for your home. It’s inconvenient, expensive and its quality may not be better than your tap water. Switch from costly bottled water to clean and inexpensive drinking water with help from Clearwater Systems.

Interested in learning how you can also experience the benefits of better water? Set up a free water analysis or contact us today to find out how you can improve the water in your home.