Why should I choose Clearwater Systems to solve my water problems?

Clear Water Systems Quality ExcellenceOur company history is probably our most important asset to consider. Who you buy from is at least as important as what you buy. We are a third generation family business started in 1946 with hundreds of thousands of customers referring us to their friends, neighbors and relations. A negative reputation would have killed us long ago. Our industry sees new companies form and fail time after time. Some try telemarketing offering free gifts and high prices, some offering lifetime warranties to make sales and then disappear when service is needed, some try selling pyramid distribution products for which they have little understanding, and now internet sales are the new rage. These are sold with manufacturer warranties only and include no installation and no “in home” service warranty. Human nature is we all want a good product at a good deal. But, sometimes our quest for the best deal overrides our product knowledge and we are at the mercy of a sometimes unscrupulous sales presentation.

Our goal is to provide budget choices with honest, fair values and real warranties from a real company that will be there when you need us. Everyone will say the same things but the proof of our integrity can be found in an offer available from no one else. Try our company for 90 days. If you are unhappy in any way, find a better value, better product, better warranty, or better anything, just call for removal and refund. No problem. No argument. We know we can’t be beat and this is our way of proving it. Check us out with the Better Business Bureau. You won’t be disappointed.