The Skinny on Home Drinking Water Testing

Kinetico Sales Professional Testing Water HRYour home should be a source of comfort and shelter to you. However, there could be hidden dangers lurking in a place that’s often overlooked: your water supply. Many places around the country have polluted or contaminated drinking water, so it’s important to make sure that your water is tested to ensure that it is safe for your family to drink and cook with. Here are the facts about drinking water testing.

Can you test your drinking water at home?

How can you be sure that your water is safe? You can have drinking water testing done at home to find out what kind of contaminants are present in your water supply. An at-home water analysis will help you determine which pollutants currently exist in your water, and a Water Specialist can assist you in finding the water system that is right for your home.  

What tests are done on drinking water?

Home drinking water testing can help to determine if your water supply contains contaminants such as salts and heavy metals that could be harmful. A working water lab test can help to identify dangerous levels of these pollutants, and give you a breakdown of what exactly is in your water. Bacteria, such as E. coli and coliform, should also be tested for on a regular basis. Again, a comprehensive lab analysis will provide you with an exact breakdown of what bacteria could be living in your water supply.

How can you tell if water is safe to drink?

Unfortunately, you can’t always tell from looking at your tap water if it’s suitable for use in the home. Often, your water can look clear and taste relatively pure, so you may assume that it’s safe to drink. The only way to ensure that your water is safe to drink or use is by performing an analysis to test for common contaminants and unsafe levels of pollutants.

How much does it cost to get water tested?

The good news is, you can schedule a free TDS drinking water test with Clearwater Systems. TDS stands for total dissolved solids. This test will be able to determine the presence of salt and heavy metals in your water which can be harmful. However, you will want to consider more stringent testing at additional cost that will identify the levels of each contaminant present, which the complimentary test will not be able to establish.

How can I test my water for toxins?

You can apply today to have free in-home drinking water testing done by Clearwater Systems. The process is quick and tests for many kinds of contaminants and issues that could be present in your water. Water Specialists from Clearwater Systems are knowledgeable professionals who will perform an analysis for you in the comfort of your own home and can answer any questions you have regarding water systems.

How often is water tested?

The EPA recommends testing for bacteria like E. coli and coliform every 3-6 months. As a rule, you should have your water tested at least once a year, even if there aren’t initially any toxins present. By having your water tested annually, you are creating a record of your water analysis, which will come in handy if there are eventually contaminants that find their way into your water supply. Your initial test can serve as a baseline that you can measure against future water tests.

Where can I get my water tested for free?

You can get your water tested for free in your home with Clearwater Systems. Submit a form today to schedule your free in-home analysis and find out what you can do to ensure that your drinking water is safe.