Arsenic in Water

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Do you know if arsenic is present in your water? Arsenic is an odorless, tasteless and colorless semi-metal. Though it’s a naturally occurring element, too much arsenic can be introduced into the water supply by different industrial or agricultural processes.

The EPA sets a maximum contaminant level for arsenic at 10 parts per billion (ppb), and reports that arsenic is more common in ground water supplies than surface water or municipal water supplies. There are two types of arsenic that are most prevalent in the supply, including arsenic III (the ionic or dissolved form) and arsenic V (particulate). Of the two types, arsenic III is the bigger concern.

A simple water test can help to determine the level of arsenic in your water. Clearwater Systems offers these tests for free, and our experts will determine how much arsenic or other contaminants are in your water. We would then recommend a filtration system based on the results of the test, your particular desires for your system (e.g. better-tasting water), and the size of your home or business.

If we do determine that your water contains high amounts of arsenic, we offer a whole house arsenic filtration system that will oxidize and eliminate the contaminant, making your water safe and worry-free.

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