Jack Duffy

Meet Water Specialist Jack Duffy

Jack Duffy Water Specialist for Virginia

Jack grew up in Richmond, VA, and resides in Charlottesville. He has been apart of the water industry since 2018. Jack is a Certified Water Representative from the Water Quality Association (WQA), and is KUDOS certified from Kinetico Water Systems. Jack graduated from Virginia Military Institute in 2010 and subsequently spent time as a volunteer with the United States Peace Corps and AmeriCorps.

According to Jack, he enjoys that Clearwater systems is family owned and values its employees over their profits. He is proud to sell Kinetico equipment because they are made in the United States, and he knows that they have an efficient, long-lasting system for every situation.

Jack enjoys hiking, kayaking, camping, and playing with his two dogs. He is proud to be a Water Specialist that can provide a fix to every water problem. More specifically, he enjoys helping young, first-time homeowners fix their issues in their new home so that they can be satisfied with their home and now have to worry about everything in their home turning orange!

If you are in Virginia and would like more information or a Free Water Analysis, be sure to ask for Jack Duffy.