Why Kinetico

Kinetico - Home Water Systems

We’re Different
Simply brilliant, brilliantly simple.

Millions worldwide look to Kinetico for water treatment solutions because we engineer the smartest products. Our commitment to this standard gets results: more contaminant removal, better reliability, and improved efficiency. Plus, Kinetico systems are more economical than others, reliably providing clean, clear water for years to come.

Kinetico Products are Dependable

Our products last. We build them that way. In fact, we back our systems with industry-leading warranties, confident in our testing procedures. The only Kinetico products that leave our manufacturing facilities are those that make the grade. Some customers have used their Kinetico systems for over 20 years.

Tailored Solutions for Your Water Needs

Choosing a water treatment system can be confusing, but a local Kinetico water professional can eliminate the guesswork. As a community member, your water professional understands the area’s water challenges. Without cost or obligation, our pro will analyze your water supply, inspect plumbing and appliances, and then talk to you to learn your water needs. You’ll receive appropriate water treatment suggestions that fit your needs and budget.

The bottom line: a Kinetico Water System is the best choice for you, the environment and your wallet. Contact Clearwater Systems today to learn more about having a Kinetico water system installed in your home.