Kitchen Water Filter Systems

kitchen water filter systems- Under the Sink Kitchen Water Filter Systems- Clearwater Systems Each room in your home has different needs when it comes to water. The requirements for kitchen water filters providing clean drinking water and cooking water are more rigorous than other household water filters used for not ingestible activities like washing clothes, flushing a toilet, or watering a garden.

For this reason, purified kitchen water filter systems can be designed to remove bacteria and viruses, chlorine, metals, nitrates, tastes, odors, volatile organic compounds, such as pesticides, paints, and cleaning compounds, arsenic, and perchlorate from water making it safe and delicious to drink. The options for installing a kitchen water filter include under sink water filter systems, inline water treatment filters, and whole house water systems.

Under the Sink Kitchen Water Filter Systems

Under the sink kitchen water filter systems are great because they are designed for the unit to be installed directly into the existing pipework already below your sink. This means that, once the under the sink kitchen water filter is installed, you will never have to choose between filtered or unfiltered water again. All the water that comes from your faucet will be filtered! Plus, under the sink kitchen water filter systems are hidden from view and don’t take up your counter space.

Inline Kitchen Water Treatment Filters

Inline kitchen water treatment filters work by having water flow through the filtration process on its way to the faucet. The pressure from the flow of water assists in removing the sediments and impurities from the water.

Like water softeners, inline kitchen water treatment filters are water purifiers that are plumbed directly into your existing water supply line. This means that all the water flowing through a faucet or a specific appliance is filtered! Your kitchen is already smiling.

Because there are a lot of inline water treatment filters for the kitchen to choose from, we recommend getting your kitchen water tested to find out what inline water treatment filters will work the best for your home.

Whole House Water Systems

Whole house water filtration systems are the best way to give your entire house, including your kitchen, filtered, pure water. Instead of just filtering a specific faucet or pipe, whole house water filtration systems address your homes water problems before the water even enters your home. Thus, all your homes water is clean! Whether the water is used for cooking, cleaning, drinking, bathing, or watering the garden, every faucet in your home, including outside faucets, will deliver clean, safe, delicious water!

Does Your Home Need an Under the Sink Kitchen Water Filter System?

There is a wide variety of under the sink filter system for the kitchen as well as whole house water filtration systems to choose from. In order to make sure you are getting the right system to fit your needs, we recommend getting your water tested to find out will be best for your home and kitchen.