Salt Free Water Systems

Salt Free Anti-scaling Water Systems

  • Salt free water softener systems do not remove calcium and magnesium, which are hard water elements that form scale in pipes and appliance components. Instead, they only slow scale formation. And, in places where water sits – such as in a hot water tank – scale still forms.
  • The harder the water, the less effective the no salt water treatment. Large areas of the U.S., including Ohio, Michigan and Florida, have hard (120-180 ppm/7.0-10.5 gpg) to very hard (180+ ppm/10.5+ gpg) water. Maximum hardness 25 gpg.
  • Salt free water systems do not remove iron or prevent rust stains and will require additional pre-filtration.
  • Health concerns about salt focus on the intake of sodium chloride, not sodium bicarbonate that results from softening water.
  • Prices range from $1530 – $3250 ( also requires periodic filter media replacement $825.00 – $2200.00).

Contact us for tips on lowering your water softener salt consumption while protecting your appliances with our range of quality, high-performing drinking water systems, water softeners, problem water filters and other products.

View a video case study to learn how our salt free water systems can help you.

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