Video Testimonials of Northwestern PA and Western NY Clients

Written Testimonials

I purchased a Kinetico water system two and half years ago.
I was sold on it for three reasons:

  1. Requires no electricity to run it. If the power would fail, it will continue to run.
  2. It has a 10-year warranty.
  3. My wife loves it because we have “soft” water now instead of “hard” water.

We have had it for two and a half years now, works great! it was WELL worth the investment.

– Rick Loebach (from Cochranton, PA)

We have been customers since 2000 and have been very pleased with the Kinetico products and the service. We use Kinetico softeners at our business, Ebbert’s Car Wash, which have saved us money in soap usage. The lather and bubbles are amazing! Plus with the Kinetico system, there has been virtually no maintenance. In our home we have the Kinetico Reverse Osmosis which has given our family pure clean high quality drinking. The reverse osmosis drinking water tastes better and cleaner than our tap water. We can’t drink regular tap or spring water because it tastes different. The softener from Luminous Water Solutions in our home has eliminated the hardness and iron in our water – allowing us to use fewer cleaners and detergents. We have been extremely pleased with the systems in our home and at Ebbert’s Car Wash in Utica and Cochranton.

– Greg Ebbert (from Cochranton, PA)

I am the owner of Zatsick’s Golden Dawn in Conneaut Lake, PA. It is a full-line Supermarket. The water has a lot of hardness and calcium to it. In my Baby Dept., we have a Proof Box that has two heating elements. I seemed to be replacing one every 7 weeks due to calcium build-up that would put a hole through the elements. The elements cost $200 a piece which is very costly. I contacted Ed from Luminous Water Solutions to have my water tested. He said that he could solve my problem, so I had the Kinetico System installed on January 30th, 2009. and I have seen immediate results. It is now a year later and no elements have been replaced. The water in the Proof Box pan is crystal clear with no calcium build-up. I am very satisfied and would highly recommend this system.

– Dave (from Conneaut Lake, PA)