Sediment Filters

Bad smells and unpleasant odors in your home’s water could be the result of unwanted particles and chemicals present in your water supply.

Manganese, soluble iron, hydrogen sulfide, radium, and arsenic—all of these substances in your water may cause issues with your plumbing and make water smell and taste unpleasant, too. The Greensand filter uses an oxidation/filtration process to remove manganese, iron, and more from your water, providing you with clean, better tasting, odor-free water, 24 hours a day.

The Greensand filter system runs on kinetic energy from the natural flow of your water, rather than electricity.  It’s also equipped with a metered, on-demand service that ensures there is no regenerated waste. This makes the Greensand filter both an economically and environmentally friendly option for your water cleaning needs.

Still not sure the Greensand filter is right for you? Please Contact Us to learn more about how it can remove unwanted chemicals like manganese and iron from your water.