Water Quality after Building Closure Due to COVID19

shower, drinking fountain, restaurant tableWhile schools, businesses, and restaurants are closed for months due to the COVID19 pandemic, water quality will degrade over time as the water stagnates. Standing water can lead to undetectable levels of chlorine and also increase the risk for growth of Legionella. It is also possible that this water left sitting could contain excessive amounts of heavy metals and pathogens as well as increased bacteria levels.

Here, the CDC issued guidelines to take before your business or building reopens: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/php/building-water-system.html.

  1. Maintain Your Water System with Regular Water Testing
  2. Ensure Your Water Heater is at the Correct Temperature and Maintained
  3. Flush Your Water System
  4. Clean All Water Fountains
  5. Ensure Hot Tubs and Spas are Safe
  6. Ensure Cooling Towers are Clean and Maintained
  7. Ensure Safety Equipment is Clean and Maintained (Sprinkler System, Eye Wash, Safety Showers)

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You can read more about the ongoing research being done at Purdue University regarding water quality from building closures due to COVID19: https://www.purdue.edu/newsroom/releases/2020/Q2/water-quality-could-change-in-buildings-closed-down-during-covid-19-pandemic,-engineers-say.html