Sediment Water Filter

Sediment refers to material in water that is visible but too small to be felt when rubbed between your fingers. Sand, of course, can be seen and felt.

The presence of sand or sediment in your water usually stems from:

  • Rock cuttings or loose soil following the installation of a new well.
  • Dissolved minerals, including hard-water elements such as calcium, iron, magnesium and manganese.
  • Continuous entry of fine clay or sand particles into a well from the soil or poor quality bedrock.

Though not necessarily hazardous to your health, sand and sediment affect the taste of your water and the life of your appliances, such as dishwashers and hot water tanks.

Since it’s often difficult and costly to locate the source or entry point of sand and sediment in your well, a Clearwater Systems whole-house water filter can eliminate this problem and extend the life of your appliances.

However, before purchasing any type of filter, it’s essential to get a qualified water analysis from a dependable source like Clearwater Systems. Our testing is free and reliable.

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