What Are Common Contaminants in Drinking Water?

Contaminants can get in drinking water from all different kinds of sources. Many of which are from industrial processes, metal corrosion, and chemicals, such as preservatives and disinfectants. Most contaminants can be removed from drinking water through reverse osmosis. This … Continue reading

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When Your Water Smells Likes Rotten Eggs?

When your water smells like rotten eggs, the stench is an unmistakable sign of sulfur-contaminated water. While it doesn’t cause any serious health effects, the odor is extremely off-putting, and the sulfur can damage your plumbing and other objects in … Continue reading

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Water Softeners and the Superior Performing Kinetico Water Softener Solutions

Hard water is more of a nuisance than anything else. The levels of soluble minerals calcium and magnesium determine whether water is “soft” or “hard”. At the right levels, these minerals can give water a taste that many people actually … Continue reading

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What is Causing My Water Smelly?

Smelly water has a handful of common causes, depending on the smell. The usual odors are sulfur (aka “the rotten egg smell”), sewage, and chlorine bleach, which are caused by naturally occurring anaerobic bacteria and chemicals that accumulate in wells, … Continue reading

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How to Remove Iron and Rust Stains in Sinks, Bathtubs, and on Other Surfaces

If you’re seeing rust stains in your sink, in your shower or toilet, or even on your clothes, you probably have a few questions. Namely, why is rust forming on surfaces that aren’t made of iron, and how do I prevent it? Rust stains … Continue reading

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Soda vs. Bottled Water vs. Tap – We’re Heading in the Right Direction

A CBS News report shared that consumption of bottled water outranked consumption of soda in 2016, according to statistics released by Beverage Marketing. Consumption of bottled water jumped from an average of 36.5 gallons per person in 2015 to 39.3 … Continue reading

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Our Favorite Fruit Infused Water Recipes from Pinterest

Despite our passion for clean drinking water, we admit that the taste of water – no matter how pure – day in and day out can become boring, causing folks to reach for substitutes with flavor. More often than not, … Continue reading

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6 Tips to Keep Your Dog Hydrated

Since August 26th is National Dog Day this year, the dog lovers at Clearwater Systems believe it’s important to not only think about your human family’s water intake but also your furry family members as well! It doesn’t matter if … Continue reading

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Summer Quick Pickling with Delicious Water

The end of summer is fast approaching. What are you going to do with all of your seasonal fruits and vegetables? Why quick pickling? The quickest and simplest way to preserve almost all your produce is to quick pickle them. … Continue reading

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Should Fluoride be Added to Local Area Tap Water?

This October, the Meadville Area Water Authority will be adding Fluoride to its water. Whether or not you approve of the addition of Fluoride to a local water facility we wanted to provide you with some facts from the Water … Continue reading

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